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Louis Harvey Towne – Founder of Towne Country Club

Edgerton, Wisconsin

Mr. Towne was born in Edgerton in 1863, the son of the first pioneer Edgerton lawyer.  He graduated from the Wisconsin Law School in 1885 and continued as an attorney, surveyor and land developer in Edgerton until 1935.  Prior to 1920, he became interested in golf, and in March of 1920, he purchased the land from Charles T. Shannon upon which the Towne Country Club is now located.  With the assistance of other businessmen and tobacco men of Edgerton, the Edgerton Country Club, a voluntary association, was organized early in 1920.  Mr. Towne designed the golf course and was the primary mover in the clearing of the land, the construction of the greens and the general planning of the course.

In November of 1920, Mr. Towne executed a lease to the association under the terms of which no rental was required for a period of twenty years and an option was extended to purchase the course at Mr. Towne’s original investment.

The building of a small white clubhouse and the landscaping of the course took many hours of hard work by Mr. Towne.  Many of the shrubs, trees and flowers which now beautify the course were planted personally by Mr. Towne during this era.  Mr. Towne died in February of 1940, and his wife Mary, died in October of 1944.  In April of 1945, several businessmen of Edgerton organized the Towne Country Club, Inc., purchased the golf course under a land contract at its original cost of $8,500.00 and through the sale of stock raised sufficient money to pay off the contract and receive a deed from the Towne heirs which was recorded on April 8, 1949.

The dream of Louis Harvey Towne and his contribution of work, money and planning now makes it possible for Edgerton and area residents to participate in Mr. Towne’s favorite game – “GOLF”.