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    Jr. Golf Community Sponsorship

Dear Community Members,

I am reaching out to you in hopes that you will support this year’s Edgerton Towne Country Club junior program. Our junior program will start on June 12th and last 6 weeks long. The first 3 weeks will be lesson based and the final 3 weeks are all play days. Our program this year has a strong focus on getting young golfers comfortable being on the golf course and learning the rules and etiquette.

Eagle Level_______________________________________________ $200

Birdie Level_______________________________________________ $100

Par Level_________________________________________________ $50

Your donation will go towards equipment for games for our lessons. It will also go towards providing water and Gatorade for the young golfers every week. If we happen to have young golfers that need financial assistance to participate, your donation will help pay for them.

If you wish to donate, checks can be made out to Edgerton Towne Country Club. They can be mailed to: Edgerton Towne C.C.
115 Jenson St.
Edgerton, WI 53534

Allyssa Ferrell
(608) 921-2151